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#cpmduel Cup 2 written by eThaD, 2010-02-08 12:28 CET (4 comments)

Due to non-standart maplist only 9 players have come. But it wasn't easy to make it to the top because of Lugia, light and nzr0.
Overall standings:
1. eThaD
2. LuGia
3/4. nzr0 / light

Groups [promode.tourney.cc]
Brackets [promode.tourney.cc]
Demos coming soon...

We are now planning to arrange a new duel cup in 2 weeks. It will be full or partially non-standart map-pool in this cup. Maps are announced! These maps are up @ keks and pickup servers. You can start registering now!

Map-pool: plduel1 [q3a.ath.cx], acid3dm9 [q3a.ath.cx], pukka3tourney6 [q3a.ath.cx], eizdm4-b15 [photonization.com], crescent [q3a.ath.cx].
System: Depends on player count.
Map pick: Flip a coin. Winner chooses, who picks map 1st. Then the 2nd guy picks a map. After that two maps are played. If score is 1:1, then the guy who has less frag sum from both maps drops the map from 3 left first.
Server pick: The server with more or less equal ping should be chosen to play. The only exception is for players living far away (NA, siberia) or having problems with connection. These players should play on one of cpmduel servers, if their opponent wont agree for their server.
Warps: Warping players should be mannered and leave the tournament.
Nick: Your nick @ sign-up list should be the same as irc one.
DATE: 21.02.10
CHECK-IN TIME: 16:40-16:50 CET
Admins: skef, ethad, / shadow, fluff.
Every player, who registered to a cup has to check-in to participate! To check-in pm eThaD in the irc. All the players during the cup have to be online at #cpmduel @ quakenet.
#1 written by Anonymous (neverGreen), 9 years, 9 months ago
hey, i wanna play but i cant make it in time. I am able to play at 17:15, 17:30 max. Is it a problem?
#2 written by Anonymous (Blessing), 8 years, 1 month ago
Yo, that's what's up truhtuflly.
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#4 written by Anonymous (Starleigh), 3 years, 11 months ago
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